History of 201 Crescent Peak Road - A Truly Unique Property

In 1999 I was asked to come to State Line (Primm, Nevada) and  interview for a Water / Waste Water position at that Casino Town. I was, at that time, working for the Indian Tribe in the lower Colorado River Valley area of Fort Mohave, Arizona, as a Senior Waste Water Operator.

The Casino town of Primm, Nevada

I was very interested in water quality and outside working. The casino town was a challenge and they had researched my working history, their offer was impossible to pass up.

Finding a Place to Live in the Desert

The biggest problem, was they did not at that time have in the town, quarters for their necessary on hand workers. In order to answer crises trouble calls I had to be within a half hour response time. I searched every possibility within a half hour for living places. After a temporary period in a trailer, I was talking to a local owner in Nipton, California, trying to locate a better, closer situation, there I met a local owner that had a piece of land for sale and wanted to move. He and I came to an agreement and I bought his small cabin and land which today is 201 Crescent Peak Road.

That is how I came to own this property.

Building a Home in the Desert

I continued to work for the casinos at State Line (Primm, Nevada) while, working on my home. I researched off grid living as there were no 'inputs' (connections to water, electricity or gas) to my new property. As I increased the value of my property, I tested many, many possible off grid systems to make living easier.

Artesian Well at 201 Crescent Peak Road

I worked to make the land more usable and in the process of cutting a brush fire break around the house, garage area, (I was worried about lightening fires) I found a wet spot on the ground. At first, I thought it was a leak from the Bulldozer I was using; but, it turned out to be a wet spot from water. I dug a test hole, it was wet on down into the ground.

I used a Backhoe to dig an 8' x 8' x 8' hole. It developed water in the bottom, I borrowed a Track-hoe and dug a 70' x 30' x 10' hole and it filled up with water. I had rediscovered an artisan flow that had been lost sinse the men of this area felt to fight in WWII. I aerated the new pond and gave the local rock mines dust permit water (if they drew water from the pond) to keep the water 'fresh'. I added Bass and Catfish as another food source to my property. It was then also that I realized that I had all the water I could possibly want and this land was truly blessed by GOD.

Deeding and Getting Land Rights

I set about protecting my rights to the water and my land. First by declaring my property as a 'Homestead'. Then I looked into taking up the 'Patent Rights' of this land. It was first patented in the early 1900's. I found that I could only assume the rights of the original patent, and it would cost about $1,500. Any buyer can assume the patent rights as owner and receives mineral, water, and tax rights under the patent.

I built a 2" water fire main around the house  with 4 hydrents to protect the house / garage area. I also have built a water truck into a water pumper for fire fighting. It carries 1500 gallons of water where needed.

Water Pumper Truck at 201 Crescent Peak Road

Wildlife, Deer and Building an Orchard

I built a 100' x 100' x 100'  fruit orchard to add another food source. That is when I first saw the deer. I had to horse wire fence the orchard to protect the trees from deer. Apparently there are at least two small groups, of at least 4 deer each, that have a circuit through this area.

I drilled a 6" well near the pond and put a Solar well pump in it to a 4300 gal. tank up above the pond. There was also a 4" hand pump well near the area of the new pond. I then gravity fed a water line to irrigate the Orchard. I put a storage building in the orchard to hold  working equipment.

The Orchard Area of 201 Crescent Peak Road

I put out feed to keep my little area in the circuit of the deer as a possible replacement of the fruit for them and lowered one bank of the pond for their drinking.

Adding Storage and Preparedness to the Property

It was about that time, people were talking about building storage container underground storage and living quarters. I believed  what I had heard about putting the boxes in the ground and they would hold up under the weight of the ground - a Mistake. I ended up laying railroad ties across the top cross-wise from end to end. And then 'mine shoring' the insides every 4' to keep them from collapsing inward, not at all any fun, but they worked. I have  2- 40' x 8' x 8' containers in the ground as storage rooms. I have run solar power to 1 of them for lighting.

Underground storage containers at 201 Crescent Peak Road

Adding the Mother in Law Suite


I had thought that one day my aging mother would come to the property so, I set about building an addition onto the back of the existing house. I built a full basement under the addition as a storage area. There is a 20' x 8' x 8' storage Container attached to the basement.(could be a one car garage). The addition, ground level, is a day room / bedroom and large full bath. My mother now says she is a 'town girl' and well not ever leave the house Dad built for her. So, my wife and I have a big 3 bedroom house with 2 full baths.


Developing Self Sufficient Power and Helping Others

People began to contact me with questions about what worked an what hadn't in all the things I had tried. By this time, I had tried several types to systems to provide power to my home. Wind only works when you have a constant wind and then enough wind to make your power.

Solar works when you have no clouds or rain. a little better, but not at night. Of course you must have a battery that charges during the day or when you are creating power to feed your uses at night.

201 crescent peak road searchlight nv

The latest thing I did there was build a copy of the TESLA home 1 Kwatt battery. It is supposed to run for as long as a Lead Acid home battery (at least 7 or more years if recharged and cared for properly). I paid 1/3 what Tesla wanted for their battery, by building it myself.

It is always good to have a backup generator. I have 2, and run one of them (the other a spare) to move large volumes of water or run large tools.

Except that takes you into fuel storage (not great). I have looked into natural waste gas generation, this works, but, I live in the desert and theit is much harder to generate waste gas. I have a lot of answers; but, the number of people asking has decreased in the last years. I attribute thatto the Internet. There is a lot of info out there and people asking for money for that info - most of which is of little practical use, and seldom works for the end user.

Building the Full Scale Greenhouse

The next big project was the Greenhouse. Inside is where I put my Aquaponics System. Aquaponics not Hydroponics.

My goal is for a natural not a chemical system. I was able to grow tremendous salad and other related vegetables until winter. That winter we had a week of 22 degree lows at night. All plants and fish died.

I tried lots of things to keep the fish and plants from dying without costing a lot of money. I changed types of fish however everything continued to die.

I then I read about a fellow raising citrus in winter on the midwest plains.  I tracked him down and he explained how he was using ground thermals to heat and cool a temperature pump (Geothermal Air System).

He gave me his formula for length and sizes of air ducts. He had been doing this for several years and couldn't even convince the local  growers of what he was doing. No one would believe that it was possible to heat and cool an indoor space this way.

Nobody would even come out to his land and take a look. I borrowed the next door mines' track hoe again and dug trenches to build the geothermal system. My ground thermal is 65 degrees and keeps my greenhouse at about 60 degrees in the winter (when lows can get below freezing 32 degrees) and in the summer down to about 70 degrees (when the desert can get over 115 degrees in the late part of the day.

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Researching and Changing Fish

I use 12vdc pumps, timers, aeraters and fans. I did a little research and changed the fish to pet store feeder goldfish. I buy them for 12 cents each and they grow into 6-7" fish that can be eaten. They're what you feed them. I started a worm bed as most of their feed with  ruts from the grow beds' plants.

Next came the rabbits which I trapped locally, and bought from other growers. Then I got some chickens, but changed them out for ducks.

Duck eggs are bigger and have twice the protein. I built their enclosure in the corner that is made by the garage and greenhouse coming together, the animals are shielded on to full sides. All this is why I have started calling this my small survival farm.

Next came the rabbits which I trapped locally, and bought from other growers., then ducks. Duck eggs are bigger and have twice the protein...All this is why I have started calling this my small survival farm.

Now I have again  turned my attention to 24/7 power generation and am working on my latest attempt at 24/7 farm power.

My dream is a Waterfall for 24/7 power.

Why we are Selling 201 Crescent Peak Road

The reason I/We are selling, is my wife wants to return to her home in the Philippine Islands. She has a 5 bed room house and I can rebuild all the things I have learned here there (doing it right the first time).

Also our money is worth 40 times as much there. Maybe I can buy a Waterfall; or, just go fishing every day.

This property is 5 + acres and there is room for new ideas - maybe your ideas.